Monday, January 7, 2008

Liberating the ode to Pinson

A friend of mine sent me this news story from Jamaica....I follow it with my response...a rather colorful the spirit and style of the original word liberator from Jamaica....Peter Tosh and another brother, less celebrated, but no less passionate in the use of the Jamaican Language...Pinson (may God rest both their souls).

Danville Walker’s citizenship to be discussed at ECJ meeting PDF Print
Thursday, 03 January 2008
Danville Walker. The issue of Director of Elections Danville Walker's dual citizenship is among several matters down for discussion at the first meeting of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ).

The Commission's Chairman, Professor Errol Miller, says members will undertake a careful examination of the recent developments involving Mr. Walker.

However Professor Miller says the issue is not being treated as a crisis.

"We have learnt of the matter in the same way everybody has learnt of it and the matter will be taken up at the meeting on the 16th January. We will address it, look at it and examine it, we see no emergency in the matter we will deal with it in a careful manner and we will look at all the implications and so on but we are not going to deal with it on a crisis basis that's for sure," said Prodessor Miller.

Last week lawyers representing People's National Party (PNP) candidate for Western Portland, Abe Dabdoub, questioned Mr. Walker's eligibility for the post.

Lead attorney Gayle Nelson argued that under Section Three of the Electoral Commission (Interim) Act of 2006, Mr. Walker should be disqualified from holding the post of Director of Elections.

The Section notes that a person will be disqualified from holding the post if that person is not a citizen of Jamaica, not resident in Jamaica, or by his own act, has acknowledged allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or state.

The matter was heard during the election petition brought by Mr. Dabdoub against Member of Parliament Daryl Vaz.

In the meantime, United States based attorney-at-law George Cromarko, who represents parliamentarian Daryl Vaz, is now giving testimony in the Supreme Court.

This as the High Court continues its hearing into the election petition filed by defeated PNP candidate, Abe Dabdoub.

Mr. Dabdoub wants the court to remove Mr. Vaz, who represents West Portland in the House of Parliament, claiming he holds dual citizenship.

Jamaica's constitution bars persons who pledge allegiance to another country from holding political office.

Last month lawyers representing Mr. Dabdoub submitted documents which they claim show that Mr. Vaz had been travelling as an American citizen even after he was sworn in as a government minister.


My professor from Trinidad, Trevor something another....yes Farrell, had a thing to say that has stuck with me all these years....JOKE IS JOKE, BUT DAMN JOKE IS NO JOKE!!!!

This is a damn joke.....but lest you think I mekking sport (runnin Joke as my guyanese friends say) before we go any further...let me say if the colorful words of our lexicon from Jamaica offend yu, stop read right hereso......

Is a friendly WARNING.....Peter Tosh style!!!!

As I read this story about Danville Walker's citizenship being questioned now ......I am feeling personally condomized (used and about to be discarded) by the land of my birth and the polyfreaking tricksters that run the society.

Now look here somebody has to tell the next freaking BUMBO (is a toy the chinese mekking now for the there...if mi add on Claat to it now then yu can have a problem....)
But seriously somebody need to say to dem people deh whe come up from Jamaica all the BUMBOCLAAT time and a try tell I an I fi become Citizen of the UNITED SNAKES of America, dat dis likkle bait an BLOOD (easy Ian) mh....easy Ian....decent people a read this.....easy yute......

somebody need to tell dem people yah seh dis bait and switch business naw cut it because some LOSER dude....who switch party like him change him draws seh it not going to work and a cite a constitution fi legitimize that. Well is time then fi di badwud constitution get changed!!!!!

How do you now question the allegiance of man who has run Jamaica's electoral commission for the last how many elections/years, a breds who if memory serves me right was committed to taking bullet fi god and country, her majesty, her heirs and succcessors (as an officer the JDF) and now yu come to ask if dis man have a right to serve at the EOJ as its Director...worse yu a seh After The Fact....this man DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO SERVE....jus because BUMBO (easy yute).....CLAAT (mi seh fi easy yute!) what!!!!! him come to Merrimacka come tun Citizen.....

Den whe di BUMBO CLAAT (Puppa Jeezas yute yu nuh hear mi seh yu fi easy), eh, whe dat a seh to me....., who nuh mek the enlightened leap yet fi tun MERCAN, mus hol my yah, work yah...and God forbid DEAD YAH!.....without the priveleges of savoring all that AMERICA has to offer (IOWA caucus night, being tonight...yu know exactly what me talking for the president of the free world among other FEDERAL THINGS).....jus because day mi gooda go back a Jamaica when mi still have some use to misself and mi country only fi a power-hungry-waan-seal-up-the-kingdom-stay-deh-never-leff-deh-BUMBO-HOLE come tell me "NO!!!! My services aren't needed!!!!"

Who can tell seh mi RED......

This I tell you is a decent tribute to my now deceased neighbor from the hills of St. Mary....God Rest Him Soul....PINSON....mi nuh know nuh man coulda cuss badwud like dat breds when people did mek him red.....

And now to rahtid mi know why dem fire me ass from Super-don't-cuss-no-badwud-here-CLUBS (smile)....still nuh learn nuh lesson eh! What a thing?!

But no....dis is one me feel the Diasporic community shoulda raise BACKSIDE about.

Me leaving Jamaica physically is in no way my being complicitous in my denial of any priveleges to serve and be a vibrant contributor to my country's professional and leadership cadre....a dat me seh, awhoa! Somebody better fix dis quick.

Oh by the way....Just in case you are holding your head or shaking it, overwhelmed by the use of the COLORS...missing entirely the point of what I am arguing...know this, you have to go beyond words to the power they come with. As Peter said in his seminal work of resistance of the status quo and the powers that were and still are in Jamaica, "Oh Bumbo Klaat" (Wanted Dread or Alive Album), the word was used by him on the advice of someone who said the word would remove the effect and spell of the demons in his midst (you've probably had those dreams too where you can't move, you scream but nothing comes out of your mouth)....he used it...and the duppies/demons left him alone. THE WORD IS A LIBERATOR! (if even the police in Jamaica will break your skull for it).